Happy Father’s Day

This post just reminds me how blessed I really am, but also gets me a little teary eyed at the same time.

This guy right here…..he’s ours and we love him and can’t thank him enough for all that he does.   I know Matt idolizes him, and I am sure Annie will too!  Happy Father’s Day T!



And this is Papa Tim…he’s a goof ball, but has always been my biggest fan.  Papa Tim loves the kiddos a lot…..he antagonizes them…that’s how I know.  Thanks Pops for everything…Happy Father’s Day Papa Tim!

bonnieandtj 5yearsleeptimannie timbonnie

And this is Papa Garry…..he’s a gem and TJ’s best friend.  They don’t get more helpful than this guy right here.  I think he could sit and hold Annie and play with Matt for hours……Happy Father’s Day Papa Garry!

bonnieandtj TJGarry

This is my Grandad, his name is Bob.  He’s a Texas A&M grad, and knowledgable about so many things.  He always had a wise lesson for us when we were younger.  He has alzheimer’s now and it breaks my heart.  Happy Father’s Day Grandad!


My other grandpa is Orville Hight, my dad’s dad.  I don’t have a picture of him, he passed before I was born.  I sure would have liked to meet the guy from where I get most of my orneriness!  Happy Father’s Day Papa Orville!

This is Matt Casteel.  This is TJ’s dad.  I sure would liked to have met him too.  He would be so proud of his son.  I know T sure loved him….Happy Father’s Day Papa Matt!

4dadhorse3yrkaseydad 8monthsdad

Grandpa Wayne Casteel recently passed.  Auctions just aren’t the same and we miss him.  He truly was one of a kind, and was so proud of the auctioneer TJ has become.  Happy Father’s Day Grandpa Wayne!

wyane bonnieandtj


Uncle B – my brother, what a wonderful dad he is!  Happy Father’s Day Uncle B!

DSC_0621 DSC_0713

Hope everyone has a great day!

Tomorrow, I’ll show off my auction finds!!

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