This is me…..My name is Bonnie, otherwise known as Mama or Mrs. Casteel.  I’m a Christian, a mama, wife, teacher, daughter, sister, aunt, & friend.  I live in North Central Oklahoma with my hubby, kids, and animals.  I teach math and computer technology classes at Covington-Douglas Public Schools, a small school close to our home.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2007 (GO COWBOYS!!), moved to Florida and fell in love with the beach, then I moved to Fort Worth, Texas for a job.  A year later, I moved back to Oklahoma where I belong and pursued my teaching certification and married my better half.  5 years later we have our own ranch, 2 kids, I love my job, and life is good.

This is my hubby, Thomas J….ok, TJ.  He’s a man of many trades. He is an auctioneer, pick-up man (the guy who rides the horse in the rodeo and picks up the guy, who just rode the bronc), bull fighter, has-been bull rider, and a true cowboy.  Not to mention, a great dad and husband.  Mama’s blessed.

My handsome hubby.  I love him so.

This is Matt, he is 2.5 years old.  He’s about as ornery as they come, and he wants to be just like dad.  Seriously, what 2 year old only wants to wear boots and jeans everyday?

Matt Matt

This is Annie Dale, she’s 4 months.  She’s a doll and the happiest baby.  Really.

Annie Annie Dale

This is Piper.  She is a Jack Russell, and very loving.  She had to have her pic with the kids.

This is our blue heeler, Maddie.  TJ has had Maddie, since he was in high school.  She is a great workin’ dog.


This is Toby, he is a Jack Russell. He’s a few cards short of a full deck.

One of our Jack Russell's.  His name is Toby.

Jake is our puppy, a rather big one.  He is a border collie, and sometimes my arch-nemisis.  He chews and tears up everything.


This is Paint.  He is one of our many horses.

We Love the USA Paint

And here is my little family.  2 year old’s make it hard to get good pics!

Ok, there is no pic….check back soon for that!

And these are all Pieces of the Equation.

*This is a personal blog.  All of my thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog represent my own and not those of my employer.   Any comments posted on this blog by others are theirs.*

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