Saturday, we worked an auction.  TJ was the auction manager, as well as auctioneer, and I clerked.

The auction business runs deep in TJ’s blood.  TJ sold his first item at auction, when he was 11 years old.  His grandpa Wayne ran an auction business in Perry, for 50 some years and his dad Matt was an auctioneer, as well.  Now that both TJ’s dad and grandpa have passed, he is keeping the business and tradition alive.

I knew when I met TJ, that he was an auctioneer, but little did I know how good he was.  I enjoy being asked at every auction, “are you TJ’s wife?  Man, he’s good”, or something to that same tune.  After TJ and I got married, I got thrown into the mix (gladly), and we started working on getting our real estate licenses.  We both hold an active Oklahoma sales associate license, and continue to grow our business.

Anyways, about today’s auction, I clerked it……but I also shopped and stole some major deals!!  Considering I am a Pinterest junkie…..auctions are a gold-mine for finding furniture and supplies to complete all of those projects…not to mention, some sweet decor! (Disclaimer: I’m not crafty, and I usually mess up anything I paint!)

These first three photos are of TJ doing what he does best….well, maybe besides being a cowboy!

tj3 tj2 tj

This chair was my favorite buy.  I am putting it in our mudroom for now.  TJ will use it to put his boots on.



And another chair, not sure where it will find a home, or if it will even stay that color.



These next two pics are rather lame, but I was trying to unroll the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West poster. (Matt would rather not wear clothes, major perk of living in the middle of nowhere.

poster2 poster


I am super excited about this high-chair!



This table and chairs, I have BIG plans for.  I plan to paint it fun colors and put it in my classroom!  I scored both the table and chairs for $11!!! Oh, and we bought the saw horses too, I have some shutters to paint.



A magazine rack…definitely needs some TLC.



Lastly, this desk.  I plan to put it in the kids room.



Hopefully, I will get around to re-doing these items soon and I will post before and afters.

Have a fantastic week!