Where have I been, you ask.

I have been on summer break, that is where.  But before that, I was a busy mama, teacher, bus driver, wife, and friend.  The blog didn’t win when it came deciding how to spend my free time (not that there was much of that!)

So, I’ve decided to have a summer break, fall break, Christmas break, and spring break blog.  Maybe even a few posts thrown in here and there during the school year.  But we all know, I am never very consistent with my posts nor do I always write about the same things.

The biggest thing I plan to post about this summer, is well, we are remodeling…..AGAIN!  Oh my, and I don’t think I could really do it again after this.  We have been living with my parents for 5 weeks now.  So thankful for their hospitality, but I NEED MY HOUSE BACK!  My parents how is tri-level and keeping up with a one year old has been a small feat in itself.  We should be back home this weekend, or early next week.  The house won’t be finished, but it will be livable.

So for now here are a few things I’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed) this summer.

Our first cookout of the summer at our friends Brandon and Kynda’s house.  It’s always a really fun group of people.


Since I am the yearbook sponsor, I had to finish up the yearbook so I brought along some help.  Good thing John was up at the school to play with Matt!



Before the end of the school year, I had asked for a new whiteboard.  Previously there was a large chalkboard.  (I can’t handle nails on the chalkboard!)   Allen (no other description other than, he’s the best) got right to switching them out.  However, he painted the wall white and the rest of my room is a cream color.  I decided I needed an accent wall.  So I went with…..purple!

IMG_7380 IMG_7381

We’ve already went swimming and played in the sprinkler!  I have two little fishies!

IMG_7388 IMG_7396 IMG_7496 IMG_7412


We got a new puppy, her name is Chloe.  She is a mutt, but oh so cute.  If you would like one just like her, I can steer you in the right direction.

IMG_7435 IMG_7406

Memorial day was fantastic.  We went to FOUR cookouts!  Crazy, I know.  I only have one picture though.  This is Brian and Tiff’s house.  Brian was trying to win Annie over by taking her on a golf cart ride, and he did!




The not so fun part included Matt deciding to load the primer in the back of his Gator.  It spilled everywhere.  I just laughed.  He’s ornery.  However the next day, I noticed he PAINTED MY RECLINER, that we are storing in the barn while remodel…it was probably a good thing I didn’t notice that the same day.  Kids.



The past Saturday, we went to Pawhuska.  TJ turned 26 on Sunday, so we went to a tack store in Pawhuska.  Such a cute little town.  They had some fantastic Antique shops and we had lunch at Bad Brads.  I’ll definitely visit again when The Pioneer Woman’s deli opens up!


How could we forget the goat.  Annie loves the goat.


Hope everyone is having a happy Hump Day!  Stay tuned for remodel posts!



Freshly Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Ok, you’ve read it before on here but, our house was built in 1908 and added on several times.  When we bought it, it was all wood paneling and dark carpet.  We took all that out and it helped lighten the house up a lot.  However, it was still so dark for my liking.  The kitchen cabinets had what I would call a golden pecan stain.  Very popular, like the wood paneling used to be.  Anyways, here are the before and after pics.










Now, all I need is a new hood vent!

Oh, and I didn’t paint these myself (too tedious!), but I can tell you that it took a coat of primer and 3 coats of paint.  I used Valspar Dove White.  I am definitely pleased with the results and my kitchen is so nice and fresh now!


Happy Hump Day!

Summer Days

I love summer. Summer, summer, summer.  There are so many things I love about summer…..playing with my kiddos, lazy days by the pool, staying outside until 9, fresh veggies from my garden, free time, cookouts, lunch dates with friends, and evening drives with my family!  Last night was one of the “perfect” summer nights, not to mention Danielle Bradberry won The Voice!  I know I got a little invested into this season, I would have been so disappointed had she not won.

Before we watched The Voice, we went out and checked the cows and filled up mineral feeders.  As you can see, T and Matt emptied a lot of water out of them.  We have had a lot of rain.

empty mineral

Speaking of rain, this pond is nice and full.


Matt likes to holler at the cows….and they run.

matt cows

This was tough work for sis, she crashed.


Matt knows how to work the gear shift…..I think he’ll be hauling his own cattle in a couple years….


No pics of me….I just ride in the truck and look pretty, well try to.

After we got home, I picked our first veggies of the summer!


Have a great day!

My FIRST post.

Where to begin?  I’ve always wanted a blog, but I was not sure what to write about.  I’ve done a lot of searching and I am still researching the best practices for branding my blog.  Some tips suggest to write about one thing, or one topic.  Others suggest to write about things in which you are passionate about.  So, I am going with my heart here and I am going to write about my blessed, but fun and crazy life at home, as well as teaching.

My crazy life at home consists of wrangling a 2.5 year old boy, Matt & a 4 month old girl, Annie.  And how could I forget my hubby, TJ (he’s a mess too).  We live in an old farm house that was built in 1908, so tune in for the constant re-model and upgrading.  I also enjoy cooking, gardening, sports, and attempting to learn the cowboy/cowgirl way of life (haha, not really, I just get thrown in the mix).

I teach middle school math, Yearbook, and two computer classes.  I am always searching for new ways to incorporate new technologies into my lesson plans.  In math this year, I hope to start an Interactive Notebook and blog all about it!

So please check out my about page, follow my blog, and check back soon!