4th of July…just a little late

We had a fun 4th, even though TJ was gone from Thursday until Sunday.  Luckily, he was home for Matt and Melanie’s annual 4th of July party….on July 3rd.  (Sometime, I’ll have to elaborate on the Matt and Melanie, Bonnie and TJ connection….).  Usually, I attend the party by myself, but I’m so glad he was there.  In normal fashion, I forget to get very many good pictures.  The food was great and the company even better.


On July 4th, TJ left to work the Canadian. TX rodeo.  It is a big 3-day event.  I would have loved to go, but 3 days in the horse trailer with two kids = crazy mama.  So the kids and I had Nana and Papa over, and Mamaw Lois and Papaw Jim.  We made a cake and bbq pork sandwiches.  My mom brought the rest of the fixin’s.





How cute is Miss Annie Dale in her festive outfit?


Story of my life with pictures, he smiles….she’s ticked.


Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!

Summer Days

I love summer. Summer, summer, summer.  There are so many things I love about summer…..playing with my kiddos, lazy days by the pool, staying outside until 9, fresh veggies from my garden, free time, cookouts, lunch dates with friends, and evening drives with my family!  Last night was one of the “perfect” summer nights, not to mention Danielle Bradberry won The Voice!  I know I got a little invested into this season, I would have been so disappointed had she not won.

Before we watched The Voice, we went out and checked the cows and filled up mineral feeders.  As you can see, T and Matt emptied a lot of water out of them.  We have had a lot of rain.

empty mineral

Speaking of rain, this pond is nice and full.


Matt likes to holler at the cows….and they run.

matt cows

This was tough work for sis, she crashed.


Matt knows how to work the gear shift…..I think he’ll be hauling his own cattle in a couple years….


No pics of me….I just ride in the truck and look pretty, well try to.

After we got home, I picked our first veggies of the summer!


Have a great day!

Happy Father’s Day

This post just reminds me how blessed I really am, but also gets me a little teary eyed at the same time.

This guy right here…..he’s ours and we love him and can’t thank him enough for all that he does.   I know Matt idolizes him, and I am sure Annie will too!  Happy Father’s Day T!



And this is Papa Tim…he’s a goof ball, but has always been my biggest fan.  Papa Tim loves the kiddos a lot…..he antagonizes them…that’s how I know.  Thanks Pops for everything…Happy Father’s Day Papa Tim!

bonnieandtj 5yearsleeptimannie timbonnie

And this is Papa Garry…..he’s a gem and TJ’s best friend.  They don’t get more helpful than this guy right here.  I think he could sit and hold Annie and play with Matt for hours……Happy Father’s Day Papa Garry!

bonnieandtj TJGarry

This is my Grandad, his name is Bob.  He’s a Texas A&M grad, and knowledgable about so many things.  He always had a wise lesson for us when we were younger.  He has alzheimer’s now and it breaks my heart.  Happy Father’s Day Grandad!


My other grandpa is Orville Hight, my dad’s dad.  I don’t have a picture of him, he passed before I was born.  I sure would have liked to meet the guy from where I get most of my orneriness!  Happy Father’s Day Papa Orville!

This is Matt Casteel.  This is TJ’s dad.  I sure would liked to have met him too.  He would be so proud of his son.  I know T sure loved him….Happy Father’s Day Papa Matt!

4dadhorse3yrkaseydad 8monthsdad

Grandpa Wayne Casteel recently passed.  Auctions just aren’t the same and we miss him.  He truly was one of a kind, and was so proud of the auctioneer TJ has become.  Happy Father’s Day Grandpa Wayne!

wyane bonnieandtj


Uncle B – my brother, what a wonderful dad he is!  Happy Father’s Day Uncle B!

DSC_0621 DSC_0713

Hope everyone has a great day!

Tomorrow, I’ll show off my auction finds!!